RakNet 4

RakNet is a cross-platform C++ and C# game networking engine. It is designed to be a high performance, easy to integrate, and complete solution for games and other applications.


Update your users with database driven binary delta patches, or use a simpler version for updates such as user skins or maps.

Remote procedure calls

Call native C and C++ procedures with automatically serialized parameter lists.

Voice communication

Includes audio bindings for Port Audio, FMOD, and DirectSound.

NAT Punchthrough

Essential for voice communication or peer to peer applications. Steam and Steamworks servers supported.

Object replication

Automatically create, destroy, serialize, and transmit your game objects.

Lobby system

Database powered lobby with support for friends, rooms, quick match, ranking, email, and multiple titles.

Secure connections

SHA1, AES128, SYN Cookies, and RSA to prevent and detect network attacks.

Robust communication layer

Automatic congestion control, message ordering on multiple channels, message coalescence, and splitting and reassembly of packets.