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To purchase RakNet for a commercial project, or for independent development, please contact us.

Commercial Single Application License

Allows use of RakNet 4 for one or more platforms with any distribution method. Included with the Single Application license are forum, email, phone, support. Standard support is free, with support contracts and custom engineering also available. Review the license. Please indicate desired platforms and distribution model.

Supported platforms:

Engine / Resale Opportunities

1. Integration partner - Source code to integrate your engine with RakNet is available. Customer is responsible for downloading and licensing RakNet on their own. There is no fee to you.

2. Reseller - Your engine incorporates RakNet, which you also distribute. You license RakNet on behalf of your customer, at a discounted rate. We provide support to your customers and to you.

3. OEM - Your engine incorporates RakNet, which you also distribute. Each customer that licenses your engine also gets a license to RakNet. We support you, but not your customers. You also have the right to release unlimited applications on your own, at no extra charge. OEM license is available for a flat fee, contact us for pricing.